Drill Bits

There are many types and sizes of drill bits and each are suited to a specific job or material. At Gofix Direct, you can order the exact drill bit that you need. You might be a carpenter looking for wood drill bits, a builder looking to drill into masonry or a DIY craftsperson tackling a job of their own. Either way, we have the drill bits that you need.

Our stocking includes:

  • DeWalt SDS plus drill bits
  • Addax masonry drill bits
  • Starrett arbor with pilot drill
  • Bosch wood auger bits
  • A money saving seven piece auger bit set from Hardman

If you are using a hammer drill then you may be looking for our Bosch chisel points, tile lift chisels and spade chisels.

If your order of HSS drill bits , pin vices, step drills or diamond cores equate to £20 or more, then you will enjoy the convenience of a free UK mainland delivery.

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