At Gofix Direct we have the washers you need for any project. The washer helps to distribute the load carried by a nut or a screw. This makes sure the surface is not damaged by the fixing. This is especially important if the surface you are fixing into is easily damaged, such as soft wood. The washers will help to keep the fixings secure and it makes it less likely that the fixing will loosen up over time.

Here you will find a choice of washers in a variety of sizes. You can choose from square washers, penny washers or spring washers. We also have flat washers or repair washers and you can choose to order a certain number of washers for the specific project you are working on. We can provide large packs of washers so you can buy in bulk for better value.

We offer washers in a variety of materials so whatever the application, Gofix Direct has the right washer for the job.

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