Nuts can help provide a strong connection when used with a bolt. These fixings use compression and threads to hold materials together. We can provide a variety of nuts and bolts suited to the application you need them for.

Dome Nuts

You can use dome nuts for a number of different reasons. These domed fixings provide an aesthetically pleasing end cap for a threaded bolt. This can give a good look to metal work that can be seen as part of a building or machinery.

Hex Nuts

Gofix Direct has a variety of hex nuts available and we carry these fixings in sizes varying from 3mm up to 24mm. You can choose to purchase these as individual items or we can provide the matching nuts and bolts for the complete application.

Whether you need nyloc nuts, rivets or wing nuts we can get them to your work site quickly. We can deliver full nuts, Prong T nuts and a variety of other fixings the next day when in stock. If you place an order with Gofix Direct you can enjoy fast UK delivery for free to any mainland UK delivery address.

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