Self Drilling

At Gofix Direct we stock a wide range of self drilling screws designed for a variety of different tasks. Self drilling fixings can be used with materials such as metal, wood and PVC.

Countersunk Self Drilling Screws

Our range of countersunk self drilling screws are typically zinc plated. Each self tapping screw can be used without the need to pre-drill a hole, saving valuable time. The wing tipped countersunk self drilling tek screws are made for fixing timber to steel substrates.

Hexagon Head Self Drilling Screws

Also referred to as tek screws, these hexagon head self drilling screws are usually supplied with a washer. A variety of trades will use this type of fixing, including roofers where they are used to self drill through metal roofing substrates.

We have a range of smaller hex head screws and stitching screws, for fixing thin gauge metals. We also hold a stock of gash point screws for fixing thin gauge metal to timber.

All of our tek screws can be used without the need of a pilot drill hole. However, if the material that you are working with is extremely hard, then you can still pilot drill the material when needed.

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